You’re Right: That People Of SEPTA Facebook Thing Is For Dicks

Let’s just get right down to it: We’re finally calling “our bad” on linking to that People of SEPTA page a while back. The link came across our desk, and on first, second, and third glance, it really didn’t seem that awful. We looked at the pictures uploaded as a more “authentic” look at what the experience of riding SEPTA is like — versus, say, the I Septa Philly page. We really didn’t focus on all the comments on the images, which was mistake number one. Mistake number two was linking to something that breaks our own long-established rule regarding pictures of the homeless.

There’s a lot of stuff going on over on that page that we are not cool with, and we completely understand the reaction from many of our readers who let us know how they felt.

Also, we’re placing a moratorium on using the phrase “Stay Classy,” for a few reasons — just one of them being that this page is kind of a bummer too, and once you start replacing C’s with K’s, where does it end? (However, switching S’s and Z’s is still cool in our book.)

7 Responses to “You’re Right: That People Of SEPTA Facebook Thing Is For Dicks”

  1. Joseph Walton Says:

    What comments in particular caused this retraction?

  2. philebrity Says:

    If you mean which comments on this site, well, the answer is all of them. We do read what you folks have to say, and we try as much as possible to consider them. They caused us to go back and look at the page and see what was happening over there, which is/was ugly indeed. It had been bothering us for a while, so when someone mentioned it on another post this morning, it was like, hey: No time like the present/better late than never.

  3. Colleen Ricca Says:

    All the pictures of drug addicts and homeless people are just sad.

  4. roma258 Says:

    Good call, that site gave me the sads from the get-go.

  5. Joseph Walton Says:

    Drug addiction is a choice, not a disease. We should not be treating it as such

  6. Jawning Says:

    Also a choice: that hat.

  7. Daniel Branch Says:

    That page helped identify a drug addicted mother neglecting her child. So regardless of what you think, it has helped authorities identify and relocate the child.

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