It Is Safer To Bike In Philly Because More People Are Biking In Philly

In 2002, six cyclists died from accidents with motor vehicles in Philly. Last year, two died. And in the years between 2002 and last year, the number of people riding to and from work (and just around the city) on bikes has more than doubled, according to The Inquirer. The idea behind the drop in deadly accidents is the old “safety in numbers” idea. Since there are more cyclists on the roads, drivers are more comfortable and aware when they see them, and accidents occur less often. In total, the number of traffic crashes involving bikes in Philadelphia has, “fallen from a high of 1,040 in 1998 to 553 in 2010.” And executive director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Alex Doty, pointed to a Portland, OR (of course) study that showed that doubling the number of cyclists reduced the risk of an accident by one-third.

So there you go bikers: The more of you there are, the safer riding becomes. We’ll await Byko’s response in 3 … 2 … 1 …

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