From The Desk Of Adam Brodsky: Dear 9/11 Christmas Fringe Cabaret Show, Do You Think You Might Be Trying Too Hard To Be Edgy?

Why do you think they call it Fringe?

Tuesday at 10PM, “The Panic Hour” will occupy Underground Arts with a show they’re calling “A 9/11 Conspiracy Extravaganza.” They’re promising a debate between a truther and a gun conspiracy skeptic as well as comic stylings and, for some reason, Santa Claus. The Panic Hour folks have a podcast, and a smattering of Youtube clips show that their leader, N.A. Poe, straddles the worlds of David Icke and Dane Cook. Poe calls himself a comedian who tells “jokes about [his] dick and 9/11” but a search of the interwebs gives much more of the former, than the latter.

I understand, in days-of-old, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking. My aunt tells stories hiding Beatles records from her dad cause they had girl’s haircuts (her Brother’s signed 8×10 of Moe Howard was somehow grandfathered). I personally remember being home fake-sick from school one day and watching Phil Donohue’s audience gasp in amazement as he spent the whole hour asking two lesbians hard hitting questions like, “So you just go to the grocery store, and buy milk, same as straight folk?” Getting a shock click ain’t the topless walk in the park it used to be. Just look at what’s happened to the porn … actually maybe you shouldn’t, there are things you can’t unsee. I also know there is a nobility in trying to locate, much less straddle that capricious razor’s edge, and the pile of failed Walendas littering the causeway below is too numerous to even begin to list.

9/11 changed everything in everyway. And as the gilt flakes away and we learn that the country they told us we lived in is not what we perceived and perhaps never was, one lasting legacy of that September day is not so much that Alex Jones, Steve Carlton, and the tinfoil hat crowd were right all along, it’s that now their wing-nut ravings can no longer be shrugged off with a “Relax, that can’t happen here,” cause actual evidence mounts that, yeah, it could.

The occupiers and the tinfoilists are clearly having a moment. There are two questions to be asked about this extravaganza: Is it funny, and should we be laughing with or at these noble Americans? And, if you go to the show, lemme know, were the jokes about 9/11, or his dick?

— Adam Brodsky

Adam Brodsky, is, in no particular order, a World Record Holding Folksinger, Writer, Baseball fan, and Beer League First Baseman who hits for average. His Novel will be out when he fucking finishes it, so get off his back! You can follow him @adambrodsky

2 Responses to “From The Desk Of Adam Brodsky: Dear 9/11 Christmas Fringe Cabaret Show, Do You Think You Might Be Trying Too Hard To Be Edgy?”

  1. Edward T Haines Says:

    Adam, Are you 100 percent certain that the advance material for this extravaganza is not related to the upcoming presidential candidate debates?

  2. Tenbillion Zetas Says:

    I wrote the show and just finished a dress rehearsal, and I can assure you that *SPOILER ALERT* there are 0 jokes about N.A. Poe’s dick (it would be insensitive to the Families of victims of N.A. Poe’s dick) and zero jokes that are edgy for its own sake. Guaranteed. And fabulous prizes and Christmas cookies for all.

    And a belated congratulations on the folksong world record, from the entire Panic Hour bunker family.

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