Amtrak’s Hopeful 37-Minute Ride From NYC To Philly May Involve Arriving At Market East

We’re convinced it’ll end up looking more like this.

Buried in the July announcement of an Amtrak plan to provide a NYC to Philly high-speed train trip in 2040 that will only take 37-minutes was the information that Amtrak considers Market East to be the hub of the future, not 30th Street Station. As pointed out by The Atlantic, the whole thing could factor in very well to the plans for the new-look Market East, or Times Square Jr. It’s all tied to the speed reductions that are needed when arriving and departing 30th Street, and how they would make the 37-minute trip near-impossible. There’s more information (though not much) over here, so feel free to join us in 28-years of speculation.

[Image via Evan M. Lopez]

  • roma258

    Yay, our very own little Penn Station.