Michael Nutter, Huffington Post Writer, Gives Props To The Hospitality Workers

In a post published today over on the Huffington Post as part of their convention coverage, Michael Nutter discussed the state of Philadelphia, focusing on the hospitality industry. He said:

Philadelphia’s story is a tale of two cities. Its booming cultural, higher education, technology and medicine-related sectors attract families, empty nesters and college grads alike to our many neighborhoods. Yet — like many American cities — a significant subset of our population remains in poverty, lacking the skills needed to fill many of the jobs the city has to offer. As mayor, it’s my job to figure out how to both address our city’s challenges and boost our assets and, whenever possible, find solutions that meet those two needs at the same time. The city’s hospitality industry offers Philadelphia that solution.”

He continued, “However, as we create more and more opportunities for Philadelphians to work in the hospitality industry, we must also make sure that they have the tools and skills to succeed in these new jobs.” It’s all very politics-y (we would have hoped for “idiots and assholes” Nutter, but we understand his restraint), and you can read the whole post over here. Once again, Nutter speaks at the convention tonight around 8:30.

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