Attn. Bruce Springsteen Pre-Gamers: Here’s This American Jojo

In 2002, our esteemed editor wrote this piece about Bruce Springsteen for At some point a few years later, he read it at Kelly Writer’s House, where John Myers (now with Fresh Air) recorded it, and at some point, as an audio experiment, set the reading to selected Bruce snippets. Then, he forgot about it. Then, well, we’ll let John take it from there:

When I heard Chris Christie mention Darkness on the Edge of Town the other night I remembered this piece that you read at the Kelly Writers House about 10 years ago. At that time I was developing my radio chops, had a lot of free time on my hands and added Bruce’s music to your reading. I dug out that piece tonight and gave it a listen. Although my production is a little rough, the reading is powerful.

Springsteen, of course, plays CBP Sunday and Monday.

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  1. Lawrence Kirsch Says:

    a fan that was exposed to Darkness at 9 years old? read about Darkness and the darkness here:

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