Perhaps You Would Like To Help Goad Bob Brady Into Appearing On Colbert So He Can Embarrass The Entire City

In a modern democracy such as this one, there is but one way we can surely rely on the powerful few to do a thorough and honest accounting of the work they do on behalf of the many. And this is to have them appear on The Colbert Show‘s “Better Know A District” segment, where host Stephen Colbert parades through one local pol after another and gets to the nitty gritty of, well, what is funny or sad or just plain weird about that particular local pol and the sadsacks who elected him.

Yesterday, we noticed a colleague lobbying friends on Facebook to nominate the U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district, Bob Brady, for an upcoming edition of “Better Know A District.” You may remember Brady from such things as Running Philadelphia’s Almost Quaintly Anachronistic Democratic Machine, as well as Always Sounding Like He Has Food In His Mouth (And Sometimes He Does), and, well, yes: It couldn’t help but make for great TV. On the other hand, Philadelphia has not had a great embarassment on the national stage in a few months now, and wouldn’t you like to keep it tha- oh, never mind. You’re not even paying attention. Nominate Bob Brady for “Better Know A District” here. According to our colleague, there is presently no need to nominate Chaka Fattah because he is “in talks” with Colbert already.