UPDATE: For Every “I Septa Philly” There Is A “People Of Septa”

That is to say, for every positive Septa story shared on the official I Septa Philly page, there are stories on the opposite side to be shared on the People of Septa Facebook page. You had a great experience on the way to a Phillies game? Here’s a dude dressed like a pimp. You appreciate that your Regional Rail train is air conditioned? Here’s a naked man on a bus bench. You like the cleanliness of the stations? Here is another naked man. You like how calm your ride is? Here are some people passed out. Because we can only really Septa Philly if we appreciate the full picture.

UPDATE: This one’s on us.

15 Responses to “UPDATE: For Every “I Septa Philly” There Is A “People Of Septa””

  1. EmmKayPHL Says:

    To be fair, the pimp is in Phillies colors.

  2. Cassandra Meade Says:

    This is wonderful. Well, it’s gross and wonderful. “Grunderful.”

  3. Daniel Rubin Says:

    I Septa this

  4. Joe Mastropietro Says:

    Philly is a shit hole. Taking SEPTA is a joke and is disgusting …. Honestly SEPTA is exactly what this city is …. Classless and filthy .

  5. aarongrando Says:

    Kinda terrible that people are uploading these photos to People of Septa. Nothing works quite like public shaming to help people out (and clearly, some of these people could be helped out).

  6. muffin_artist Says:

    I’m really surprised that Philebrity would recommend a site that calls little children with their mother on SEPTA “a litter of welfare collecting savages.” The commenters all sound like they’re from Northeast Philly, so, well, enough said.

  7. Joe Paone Says:

    Enjoy the pristine paradise that is Levittown, dude.

  8. Kate Kelly Says:

    Wow, Philebrity…big faux pas linking to a site that insults working class subway riders and makes fun of people in religious garb. The People of SEPTA page was so offensive and should not be considered a valid source for SEPTA stories.

  9. Megan Maxwell Says:

    I completely agree with the posters below that have called the People of Septa site terrible. Please report this site to facebook! The site is full of racist comments and a complete lack of respect and disregard for one’s fellow human beings. How many of those who take these photos and post rude remarks would have the audacity to say them to their subject’s face? Better yet, how many of them stopped for a minute to think, what if this was my sister, my child, my mother, or father? I’m not above a joke and agree that there are certainly characters to see everywhere you go – Philly Septa or not – but I think this site has crossed a line.

  10. Josh Kodroff Says:

    “Another litter of welfare collecting savages.” That’s… a little offensive.

  11. Daniel Vaughan Says:

    clearly, none of you people complaining here never sat next to some freak on the el that smells of piss and cheap vodka…….Keep posting, way better than that people of walmart

  12. Joe Zang Says:

    fuck you philebrity

  13. 1980CHAMPS Says:

    Thanks for info. Wouldn’t expect anything less from a bigoted, right-wing, Jimmy Buffet fan.

  14. PeteQuince Says:

    I think the page is trashier than any of the poor losers they make fun of, but I’m not going to report it to Facebook. If some people find it entertaining, good for them. I’m not going to start demanding FB take down every page that rubs me the wrong way.

  15. PeteQuince Says:

    Why? I don’t see any difference between the people on either page. They’re all poor and sad and dirty. Oh wait…THAT difference.

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