Update: Local Emmy Nominations Give A Window Into The Everyone-Gets-A-Trophy World Of News That Is Not News

Last week, we told you about how the nominees for the 30th Annual Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards would be coming down. And indeed they have, and in the words of Maude Lebowski, proud we are of all of them. But the nominations tell an interesting story: Though 6ABC/Action News continues to utterly crush the competition in ratings, they’re not nominated for a single Local Emmy. And given the Little League everybody-gets-a-trophy nature of these awards (we spied at least two noms for “It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle”), this can only mean one thing: They simply didn’t enter. (Either that, or there’s some Soap Dish-level grudgery going on here that is utterly amazeballs and yes, please, tell us more.)

With the big dog out of the running, CBS3/CW Philly (in this race, at least, they’re a package deal) leads with 37 nominations, with Comcast SportsNet/The Comcast Network trailing at 34. NBCPhiladelphia clocks in at 23, Fox29 at 11, and WHYY gasps to the finish line with a paltry 4 nominations. (Sidebar: Now and forevermore, hear our plaintive cry: Fire Bill Mararzzo.) Even so, let the record show that Local Emmy noms do not, and cannot, signify quality, smarts, or anything, really, other than being a representation of just how colossally fucking dumb the news (and, by extension, local TV programming) really is. Don’t believe us? Submitted for your enjoyment, some of the segments that might be taking home Local Emmy gold this year:

· “Lori (Wilson) Has a Need for Speed”- NBC Philadelphia
· “Get a Human on the Phone”- CBS3
· “Eyewitness News at 10pm – February 16, 2012”- CW Philly 57
· “Basement of Horror”- CBS3
· “Baby Stolen Online?”- NBC Philadelphia
· “Gift Receipt Rip-Off”- CBS3
· “Mr. Happy”- NBC Philadelphia

See what we mean? Trophies will be handed out on Saturday, September 22 at Philadelphia Hilton Hotel on City Avenue. Because just like this shit isn’t the news, that also is not Philly.

2 Responses to “Update: Local Emmy Nominations Give A Window Into The Everyone-Gets-A-Trophy World Of News That Is Not News”

  1. Snake Smith Says:

    I’d like to nominate the new Fox29 traffic gal.

  2. eastpenn Says:

    6 does not enter because they know they will win whatever category they enter. They never have, they never will. The stories you’ve highlighted are features which are NOT hard news. It’s easy to cherry pick silly sounding stories out of 71 categories. It’s not uncommon to see Newscast Name/Time/Date when a station is submitting a full and complete newscast for the Newscast category. Another little tidbit: Emmys are judged in other markets, so we have people who put out an actual decent product judging these things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an apologist for the TERRIBLE local media we have in Philly, but this is the one time of year where they get a pat on the back from dad after throwing the football right and a “that’s the way to do it, now please stop shitting the bed.”

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