Attn. Nerds: Super Rare Atari Game Surfaces At Medium Bob’s

Just days before the only known copy of the Atari 2600 game Red Sea Crossing was set to go up for auction, Travis at Medium Bob’s Curiosity Shop came across a copy of his own. According to a press release, “The game was created in 1983 by Steve Stack, Inc. The found game was thought to be the only existing copy. The creator of the game was contacted and he confirmed it’s authenticity. He added that he recalled creating about 100 copies of the game but doesn’t know what was done with those originals.” One of those has now ended up at Medium Bob’s on Mifflin Street. The find spurred a whole lot of hoax-claims and mockery of the guy who had the first copy (but held it for years before attempting to sell) over on the Atari forums, where nerds of a special kind get together and do nerd things. Nerds.

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