UPDATE: Club Aura Has To Close By August 15th, Or: Club Aura Plans To Throw Parties Into Late September

Candy-stripe? We don’t need to obey no stinking candy-stripe: According to one helpful reader, Club Aura has to cease operations by this Wednesday, August 15th and 11:30 AM, and begin the licensing and zoning process again if they plan to remain in existence. But don’t think that will stop Club Aura from trying to throw parties well into September. According to Philadelinquency, Aura is offering Free VIP Party bookings for every weekend from now until Sept. 29th. Logic would tell us that these bookings are “free” just in case they never come back and therefore won’t have to refund anyone money, but logic does not often apply to Club Aura.

Update: Club Aura does not give two shits about having to close, chooses to ignore it.

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