Request For Intel: Is The Yo Bus The New Chinatown Bus?

At lunch yesterday, we were discussing the fate of that great and mysterious (and frequently awful) modern convenience, The Chinatown Bus. And how, after New Century Travel, Inc. was shut down back in May, it seemed like only a matter of time before some other Chinatown bus would prop up, only to offer the same weird service and follow the same cycle of illegality; James suggested some well-known economic principle which states that, if something can make money in this society, it will exist, regardless of its relationship with the law.

Not even an hour later, we spotted something called the Yo Bus barreling down Race Street. Painted red with large characters screaming “YO BUS!” alongside various bold Asian characters and destinations, it occurred to us that this can only be the new iteration of the Chinatown Bus. But our searches come up with nothing which is, in the scope of the Chinatown Bus system, not exactly surprising. So let us throw it to you: Do you know about Yo Bus? Tell us.

3 Responses to “Request For Intel: Is The Yo Bus The New Chinatown Bus?”

  1. livresrares Says:

    Greyhound’s attempt to trick its customers into thinking they are on a Chinatown bus.

  2. inhabitat Says:

    Yo Bus! is Greyhound Bus’s attempt to get into the Chinatown bus market:

  3. Allie Says:


    I had tickets from Boston to NYC for Sat 4/20, the day after the marathon bomber was caught. I am a resident of Watertown, MA and live in the 20 block radius that was of concern for the manhunt. I live 2 streets away from the shootout in the middle of the night, and had my house searched by the SWAT Team during the lockdown. I obviously was in no shape to jump on a bus at 7am the following morning having not slept since Thursday am.

    The company is refusing to refund my ticket as it is their policy. They will not concider an exception or a credit.I understand a company’s policy like this, but at the end of the day, this is an extremly unusual and horrifying situation to have been in.

    I reached out to customer service Friday night which went unanswered. On Monday through Wed, I began to go back and forth in 4 emails with a pathetic excuse of customer service and tried calling today to talk to a live person.

    5 times, I was bounced back and forth between the same two phone numbers, at which neither number was willing to help me. They told me I needed to call the other number. It is so beyond unprofessional and I could not be more frustrated. No body could forward the calls up to management, and no body could actually assist me.
    I am beyond frustrated as a first time customer

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