Green Party Ticket Jill Stein And Cheri Honkala Arrested For Fannie Mae Sit-In

Cheri Honkala has officially made the transition from most entertaining Sheriff candidate to most interesting (and only) Vice Presidential candidate. Honkala and Jill Stein (who is the Green Party choice for President) were arrested yesterday after trying to access Fannie Mae’s offices on Market Street through an adjacent bank. After they couldn’t get in, they staged a sit-in which led to the arrest of Stein, Honkala, and three others. They were there protesting foreclosures by Fannie Mae and were able to negotiate for two of the protesters to speak with Fannie Mae officials about their own pending foreclosures.

Yes, we know they aren’t going to win, but that’s not exactly the point. Plus, as Philly Weekly points out, neither Romney nor Obama have been arrested for their cause yet this campaign season, so they have that going for them.

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