Philly Realtor Video Spoof Of “Call Me Maybe” Is Quite Possibly The Most Hilariously Awful Thing We Have Ever Posted

At some point this summer, “Call Me Maybe” sped right by “Somebody That I Used To Know” as the most ubiquitous summer jam/earworm, and we can guess how the majority of you feel about this: As annoying as Gotye was, at this point, you’re starting to yearn for his subtle charms. Add local realtor Liz Lutz to the reasons why. In the video above, Lutz spoofs Carly Rae Jepsen’s summer smash with not even the benefit of autotune. And while we applaud her moxie (Jesus, Lutz, as if we needed more temptation to start a real estate blog), we’d also very much like to make her drink a squeezed-out bar rag as penance for making this and putting it on the Internet. To all of you about to click play, we apologize in advance.

  • bruhinb

    Gods, that hurts.

  • Peter Crimmins

    Seriously: don’t click play. Not kidding.

  • 1980CHAMPS

    Outside of the words call me maybe was anyone able to make out any of the lyrics? I didn’t understand shit.

  • Michael Tomasetti

    She might be Philly’s version of William Hung.

  • BobHill

    This is actually a mash-up (FFWD to 5:30):

  • Ryan Moore


  • Matt Stevenson

    i made it all the way to 00:26 in before I had to kill it. Eesh.