Addendum: In The Matter Of Whether Or Not Billy Joel Is Truly Detestable…

… He’s not. Still. You may recall that, back in May, we considered the canon of on Billy Joel, because fate had forced our hand. If you don’t feel like going back and looking at the post from May, here it is in brief: Damn, Billy, stop being so sensitive! You might be a crabby old bastard, BUT LOOK AT THE SONGS!

We stand by this opinion and if anything, it was softened last night by Billy’s appearance on Alec Baldwin’s radio show, “Here’s The Thing,” on WNYC. It’s a fascinating interview, not least because, like Joel, Baldwin also grew up on Long Island and there’s a genuine rapport between these two. Whether you only have a passing interest in Billy Joel but love Alec Baldwin or vice versa, this is a great listen. What can we say? You’re growing on us, Joel.

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