Readers Write: Buzz Bissinger Totally Just Dropped The N-Word On The Radio

buzzA mind-blown reader writes in:

You ever listen to The Buzz Bissinger Radio Show on WPHT, 3:00 – 6:00 pm? He just busted out the full N word, all on his own. Not quoting somebody, not in a historical context, just BAM! He was talking about the Greek triple jumper who was kicked off the team from Greece for tweeting a rascist comment.

He was prompting his audience to call with the premise, what if an athlete from the U.S. tweeted “I’m tired of all these n*****s winning all the medals?”

I can’t even type the word and he just threw it out there. It was CRAZY to hear it like that.

Ah, Buzz: From trolling Philebrity to trolling humanity itself. Dude, we can’t even front anymore like, “Ohhhhhhh, he’s a pain in the ass but God, he’s so great” like everyone else does. You’re kind of a total fucking mess. Get it together.

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  1. gyavis Says:

    Yo Dude!!! Hey, Man!!!!!where do we hear that all the time???   Given your closing sentance,  my guess is that you are not as happy with the new afternoon line up as I am.      I don’t like the word he used,,,,, I don’t like the word(S) you used,,,,,given the context.    Fortunately you weren’t listening in the 9-Noon timeslot when a host asked a caller explaining his grandparents  failed attenpts to secure a Valid Voter ID,,,,,and before he gave him an (incorrect) answer, he asked the man’s race.     Need I explain the root of that question,,,???   Need i explain the shock in the hosts voice when it did not render the response he needed to make his own statement??? Without the use of the word,,,,,,Bissinger’s question was far more appropriate.       I find the inneundo pattern  of both AM hosts far more troubling, far less courageous,,,,and far more telling.  

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