Charles Ramsey Tells George Stephanopoulos That The Lack Of Proper Gun Laws Is Due To A Federal Lack Of Courage, Refrains From Dropping The Mic

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Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey was on ABC News with George Stepahnopoulos yesterday to talk about the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, and spoke about his fear that the issue of gun control in the shooting will fade away. Ramsey told Stepahnopoulos,

For me the question has been, you know, what will change as far as any gun control legislation in the wake of Aurora, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Ft. Hood – I mean, the list goes on and on … And unfortunately, in my opinion, the answer is absolutely nothing … There will be a lot of talk, there will be a lot of discussion, there will be some debate, but this will fade into the background, like all those other instances that have occurred, unfortunately, and people will just go on and continue to be able to get their hands on guns and continue to inappropriately use those guns to commit violent acts on the streets of our cities.”

Ramsey continued, saying that a “lack of courage” has kept federal laws from being put (and kept) in place to restrict assault weapons and the purchase of said weapons and ammo over the internet. You can read more of Ramsey’s comments here, or watch the video above.

  • Allan Smithee

    After listening to talk radio (IQ 106.9)  over the last few days, the answer to the gun problem is simply according to the right wing consensus. More people need to be legally carrying concealed weapons to combat those illegally armed.

    Here’s a good article placing blame where blame belongs:

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