Attn. Buzz Bissinger: If All You Wanted Was A Quick Book Plug, You Didn’t Have To Troll Us On A Sunday, Because That Is Sad

Over the years, we’ve had our ups and downs with Buzz Bissinger, but overall, we had the impression that these days, things were generally copacetic between us and The Orc. Apparently, not so. Yesterday afternoon, during a classic Bissinger Twitter conniption mostly directed at Philadelphia City Councilman Jim Kenney — it would seem that Buzz only just now heard of Kenney’s minor pay-for-tweets disgrace that broke back in April — The Orc took a quick sidebar to spew some gristly green goop in our direction as well. “This is no Twitter fight [between Kenney and myself],” he added, and quite correctly, too: It was straight up trolling.

And all of it, in the middle of a pleasant Sunday afternoon when the sun was shining and the birds were singing and, oh right… no one was shopping on Amazon. That’s what this is about. Buzz has a new book out, everyone; it’s called Father’s Day, and it’s supposed to be the feel-good-about-feeling-bad hit of the summer and Dad wears creepy leather pants and yadda yadda yadda, go buy it, whatever. Buzz is a sad man, but essentially, Buzz is a good man. We think. We’re not sure. But clearly, if he’s doing all this on a Sunday afternoon when he could be grilling up some hot dogs with his loved ones, he’s not as happy as he could be, so just put the fucking thing in your cart. Take one for the team. Love Buzz so that Buzz can love.

After the jump, the bizarre exchange, abetted by that little fucking Eddie Haskell Jason Fagone.

  • Allan Smithee

     @ tips

    Maybe buzzbissinger doesn’t remember your name cause it doesn’t roll of the brain as smoothly as his. Have you thought of changing it to vodkamartinisweeney?