Update: Club Aura Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (But Should Probably Stop)

This flier, currently being circulated in promotion of an event scheduled for this weekend at Club Aura,
angers both neighbors and those who respect standard English grammar.

Regarding our piece last week on Club Aura, the scofflaw NoLibs nightspot that is increasingly drawing the ire of both neighbors and various city agencies, we have some updates. On Tuesday, Club Aura appealed the cease-operations order, and were denied. Nevertheless, the venue seems hell-bent on staying open; in the immediate wake of last week’s post, Club Aura was still promoting a DJ night and this week, promo is still in place for the above event and others on their Twitter account. (Which may be a prompt for this Twitter account, although at the moment, it’s difficult to say.) Aura seems to have made no public acknowledgement of the situation or a proposed remedy; indeed, even as of two hours ago, their M.O. seems to be to keep on truckin’. We can’t help but feel that this won’t end well; at this point, the club is essentially picking a fight with L&I, which is always a bad look.

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