Mayor Nutter announced the opening of eight outdoor pools today, and will continue to open between four and ten pools each weekday until Monday, July 2nd, when all seventy outdoor swimming pools will be open for the rest of the season. GRAB YOUR TRUNKS! We’ll update this with a schedule of the openings once we get one.

  • Zom

    Invite random strangers to pee in your toilet. Don’t flush then dunk your head in there. No difference. 

  • Snake

    Swimming in a Philly public pool?  Cmon now.

  • philebrity

    I’ve done it. There’s so much chlorine in there that nothing can live. You fucking people. 

    Tangentially related: The assholishness of Philebrity commenters seems to be on a very severe upward swing.

  • RobN

    not cryptosporidium 

  • SIlvia

    I use them every year and it’s great to do it for free. This city doesn’t have a lot of free things, but this is a great one. You idiots can go swimming in your rich friends’ pee. More room for me.   

  • Zom


  • Guest

    I’m going to swim in these pools. It’s great. Do it.