Dept. Of Eww: Philly Is America’s Top Bedbug City

After spending some time in the #2 spot, the glory is finally ours: Philadelphia is America’s #1 most-infested bedbug city, and you just got the sudden urge to scratch some phantom itches all over the place. According to the annual report, compiled by Terminix, we bumped NYC from #1 down to #3, while bringing Cincinnati with us to the top two.

This comes as no surprise, as this is a problem that has been slowly building and brewing for a while now, but we’ve been itching our arms and legs ever since we read this and we don’t like the way it makes us feel. And since we all know where you’re going next, let’s save you a step: Here’s how you spot bedbug infestations.

  • Guest

    As a Philadelphian I have two rules to avoid getting bed bugs:  Don’t live in North Philly; don’t buy, take, or touch furniture from North Philly.

  • Zom

    I know someone that brought home a dose from NYC. Gross on many levels and apparently a bitch to get rid of. 

  • Dave

    Now that NYC is done sending us their homeless, I guess they must have moved on to bedbugs.