Readers Write: If A John Bolaris Tea Bagger Radio Show On The Big Talker Broadcasts And There’s Nobody There To Hear It, Did It Really Happen?

bolarisAn agitated reader wrote to us in cold sweats last night:

So, I have no idea how widely known this is, but: Tonight I left 1210 am on after the Phillies game was over, and after spacing out for sometime, I suddenly realized I was hearing John Fucking Bolaris as a guest on some post-post Phillies talk show. He goes off on some story, the point of which is that John Bolaris was approached by Andy something at CBS about hosting a CONSERVATIVE RADIO TALK SHOW! Apparently he did not initially want to be a ‘conservative host’, repeating “i’m not a conservative at all”, but a week after his barber gave him this Andy guys phone number, he went to a funeral and that changed his mind about the whole thing! So this 11pm AM sports show was a “can John Bolaris fart out of his mouth for 2 hours straight” test drive!

I dont know if 1210 archives things, but it was around 11pm, and Bolaris’s whole story was a great shitshow of mouth vomit, and hilarious in its absurdity.

Sweet fancy Moses! Indeed, this was on the WPHT schedule for just one night, and we’re currently trying to track down audio.

  • deepsouf

    I’m a middle aged professional with children, and I see this as the first exciting opportunity to make prank calls in a two decades.

  • Zom

    it’ll be like Arthur Kade hit the airwaves!

  • Tom

    Andy is John’s imaginary friend

  • John

    What does it matter if he’s on CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO or liberal radio or if he’s on with Preston and Steve?? Just because he’s on CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO makes him a bad person? So if he was on liberal Air America (oh wait, that went bankrupt) then it would be ok?