Adam Wallacavage Still Gets No Props From Dark Shadows, But The NYT Appreciates Him

While Adam Wallacavage didn’t get the props he rightly deserved for his inspiration on the look of Tim Burton‘s Dark Shadows, he did get a chance to talk to the New York TimesT Magazine about his octopi-inspired chandeliers.

Wallacavage told T Mag, “My style can be dark and gloomy looking at times, but I wanted this to feel light and elegant and somewhat simple. The simple part was the hardest,” which also seems pretty in-line with the Burton aesthetic. And as for which specific type of octopus Wallacavage’s work is modeled after? “I never set out to try to make the chandeliers realistic, so I just made this from my own imagination. But if I had to pick, it would probably whatever species Squiddly Diddly is.”

Wallacavage’s work is on display at the Philadelphia Art Alliance through August 19.

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