UPDATE: Jonathan Papelbon Seems Confused

We’re really starting to like the guy, and he’s really starting to like us, but Jonathan Papelbon seems a bit confused: In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, the new Phillies closer said that Philadelphia reminds him of Paris. Now, Papelbon has never actually been to Paris, but he has seen it in some movies. Pap told SI, “Philadelphia has a cool feel to it, man … It’s a vibe that the city produces. It makes you feel like you are in Paris. I’ve never been to Paris, but I’ve seen it in a lot of movies. I think [Philadelphia] is going to be a great place to live.” He continued, “When I walk down the street [in Philadelphia], everyone is nice. They say hi, and then they let you do your business … In the other city, the people get up in your face a lot more and want to talk about baseball, the team and how you are going to do. It’s more easy-going in Philadelphia.”

We happy you like it here Pap, and we really like nothing more than when someone shit talks another city in comparison to ours, but Paris? And the Paris of the movies? Unless the dude is talking about Taken, we’re not sure what he sees. And as for the people being easy-going towards him? Just wait until you blow a few saves, that’ll change. But hey, we’re glad you’re here.

Update: On second thought, maybe he was just thinking of this.

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  1. guest Says:

    i get what he’s saying. we have a laid back urban vibe here that you don’t see in many other american cities.

  2. Phil-a-damn-del-phian! Says:

    He’s not the only to draw such a comparison:  http://www.amazon.com/Philadelphia-American-Joseph-L-Borkson/dp/0940159716

  3. steven116 Says:

    i think he saw the second transformers movie too many times…the part when shaggy lebouf’s parents went to paris  (city hall’s courtyard as the stand-in) and the decepticons brought the clocktower down on their heads.

  4. Rock Colors Says:

    Sorry to blow smoke right back up your obnoxious, ignorant ass, but The BF Parkway is based on the Champs-Élysées.

  5. 1980CHAMPS Says:

    Well Philadelphia hasn’t had two weeks of race riots in the 21st century yet like 
    Gay Paree.  Its funny how so many view Paris through rose-tinted glasses.

  6. Francophile Says:

    Um, I just returned from Paris and I have to say I am sorely disappointed to be back here.  Easy going? Nice people? Beautiful architecture? Park-littered city?  Fashion center? NOT Philadelphia, try as it might.  Go to Paris Jonathan and just wait til you screw up in the most minor way, then you will think very differently…

  7. Guest Says:

    Philadelphia is a lovely and relaxing place to live. I get what Pap is saying. We aren’t impressed by celebrities or athletes. We’ll say “hey, what’s up?” and let people get on with life. The best thing about Phila is that nobody thinks they are important and the creates a truly relaxed vibe most of the time. Sure there are some angry people on the bus and at the DMV but that’s to be expected anywhere. Beyond that, Phila is walkable and built on a human scale like many places in Europe. But I don’t want to throw sunshine on the rain soaked parade.

  8. Scott Gross Says:

    I have no idea who Jonathan Papelbon is, but yeah, we aren’t a whole lot like Paris in a whole lot of bad ways and in a handful of good ways. He is right, however, that this place is pretty cool (Paris is not very cool, it’s pretty rich and ossified) and it’s very laid back and it’s actually a nice place to be. Paris is amazing but it can be pretty stressful when you actually live there (and have to deal with Parisians).

  9. Allen Crawford Says:

    Guys? Unlike other American cities, this town is FULL of Beaux Arts architecture. (Guess what other city has a lot of Beaux Arts style buildings…)

    Not saying Philly is a lot like Paris, but it’s a lot more like Paris than Atlanta or Phoenix.

  10. Guest Says:

    I don’t think it’s appropriate to use homophobic slurs in comparing the two. 

  11. Guest Says:

    Bahahaha are you for serious bro

  12. Allen Crawford Says:

    Not for nothing:

  13. None Says:

    There’s also an aspect of public art in Philly.  I remember reading an article (years ago now) comparing Philly to Paris and NYC to London.  It was pretty persuasive…

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