Rumblings: Blooper Reel

>>>What has Lenny Dykstra been up to in prison? Well, he often “puts a sheet over his head — for fun — pokes a hole around the waist area and sticks his “baseball bat” through the hole.” And who makes fun of him for it? James DeBarge and Dr. Conrad Murrary. It’s a mad world, indeed. [TMZ]
>>>Longtime Philadelphian Steve Volk has made the infamous 14th Street error. We’ve all almost said it once or twice, but there was always someone there to catch us. We are that person for you, Steve. [Philly Mag]
>>>And after both teams’ fans making a huge deal out of it in the off-season, the Phillies rode into Nationals Park in DC and dropped two out of three. [SB Nation]

2 Responses to “Rumblings: Blooper Reel”

  1. Ifslepner Says:

    The Philly Mag post mentions the “1400 block of Callowhill,” which is the correct numbering for that block.  I didn’t catch a specific mention of 14th Street.

  2. Nate T Fried Says:

    Fuck Volk’s improper usage of broad street’s name, did you read that freakn’ article?  Blatstein wants to make a roof top  European meandering village 6 stories in the sky with a retractable glass roof and sky bridges?!??!??!!!!!???!!?!?!??!?!?!??  I wonder what Blatstein described the Piazza like before he built it.  Does he exaggerate or is he honestly serious?  Cause that just sounds like he’s nuts.

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