In All The Colin Farrell Excitement, We Somehow Missed That Dead Man Down Is A Wrestling Film

Well, technically speaking, it is not a “wrestling film,” but it’s being produced by WWE Studios. The film production branch of the world’s leader in sports entertainment, formerly known as WWE Films, is making an attempt to branch out into what we’ll call “real” films (films not starring whatever wrestler was free). So the people behind of The Marine, See No Evil, and Knucklehead will be bringing us Dead Man Down next year, which is currently filming in the city.

We had really hoped this would bring us back to our In Bruges-era Colin Farrell love, but it seems the odds are against it. Sure, it’s got Noomi Rapace, and is being directed by Niels Arden Oplev (who did the original The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), but we’re sure we can still expect Terrence Howard to bodyslam Colin Farrell on the deck of the USS United States at some point. Plus, WWE Films is probably mostly focused on their next production, Leprechaun: Origins. That should be good.

4 Responses to “In All The Colin Farrell Excitement, We Somehow Missed That Dead Man Down Is A Wrestling Film”

  1. LB Says:

    and the resulting congestion is making drivers a wee bit shabby to bikers on way to work…  or maybe its just the collective fuckyou invading this week.   ah, no room for me no fun for you

  2. Poster Nutbag Says:

    well, if it means anything yesterday i saw them flim a scene at 17th and walnut where a red minivan screeches around a corner, a bunch of guys with guns run about and yell “get in the car!!!”, then a black, nice car drives backwards up walnut. so, yes, it could still be about wrestling.

    side note: they have changed 17th and walnut to read 17th and irving in NYC. 17th and walnut looks NOTHING like 17th and irving. and, yes, i will point that out when i see the movie, which i will be doing because a) it was filmed here and b) i watched them film it.

  3. Mary Says:

    “Farrell wrestling picture? Could be a pip, could be a pip.”

  4. Mark Says:

    I want to point this out: this feature has been in the works for months. WWE’s involvement was only announced weeks before production, way after the script was written, the main players were cast and the locations picked. 

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