On The Occasion Of Jayson Musson’s New Show At The ICA Opening Up, We Present These Pearls Of Wisdom From His Alter Ego

For longer than we have been a website, we have loved the brilliant mind of the one they call Jayson Scott Musson. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed Jayson’s work as a rapper with Plastic Little; his agit-prop sticker campaigns and such under the Pack Of Rats moniker; and most recently, we’ve joined in on a plaintive cry of “YES!” with just about the entire art world as his videos under the nom du art thug Hennesy Youngman have time and again proven to be among the smartest things on YouTube.

Today, though, Jayson’s more gallery-appropriate work returns to Philly with a show at the ICA called “Early Imperial Luxury Arts,” which is part of a collaboration between the ICA and Marginal Utility. Those expecting Hennesy’s gags, though, may notice something different; the show is kind of serious. “Early Imperial Luxury Arts is about the inevitable failure of the State, and the State’s inability to recognize when it has entered its terminal days,” says the press release. “Whether it’s through a haze of fictitious patriotism abstracted from the true causal forces that created the state, or due to the equally potent delusion of comfort objects and pacifying spectacle, the State, like a jilted lover, is often the last to know when it’s over.”

Nevertheless, the discerning Musson fan will notice that, even when they’re delivered in comedic tones, these are themes present — and presented well — even in the most goofy-ass Hennesy Youngman video, such as the above (and one of our favorites), “On Beauty.” Stick with it, you’ll see what we mean.

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