NBC Philadelphia Is Now Producing A Show Called Party Rockers Tween Scene, Making Everyone Feel Old

As if bringing back Dancin’ On Air wasn’t enough to bring embarrassment and joy to most of Philadelphia, we just found out that NBC Philadelphia has, since February, been producing a show called Party Rockers Tween Scene.

The show airs on NBC Philadelphia Nonstop (Comcast 248, Verizon Fios 460, over-the-air 10.2) and it is, in essence, a show of 7 to 12 year-olds, dancing to music, in the arcade at Chickie’s & Pete’s. The show was brought about by Kerri Gallagher-Salamone, a regular on the O.G. Dancin’ On Air. It’s more or less a continuation of Dancin’ on Air, which itself owed its lineage to Dick Clark‘s Bandstand. But while the people on Bandstand look classy and on the brink of something really cool, the Dancin’ on Air folks look … well … goofy. Rest assured, when we catch those old episodes of the original DoA, we’re laughing a little with them, but mostly at them. And now, we’re bringing tweens (which remains as one of our most hated words here at the Philebs) into the mix. The potential for future embarrassment is off the scales. Just think about it: Let’s imagine when these kids are graduating high school and college, and their moms bring the old Party Rockers Tween Scene tapes out. Has anyone ever died of embarrassment? Help save the youth of America, and make this stop. Or, at the very least, promise to show re-runs in 20 years so we can all enjoy it.

  • woowei

    I saw this a few weeks ago and couldn’t take my eyes off it. I also hope I never see it again. 

  • Enrgizerbunne

    I think the show is great for kids it lets them have fun