Even Pauly D Wants Nothing To Do With Damon Feldman

It had been reported last week that Mario Lopez (Saved By The Bell, professional smiling person) and DJ Pauly D (Jersey Shore, games of DrawSomething) would be facing off in a charity celebrity boxing match, put on by none other than Damon Feldman. And although it pains us to say this on so many levels, it would have been Feldman’s biggest match to date, as two not desperate actual celebrities would be fighting. But there’s only one small problem with that, Pauly D never said he would do it.

After receiving a letter from Pauly D’s lawyers, Feldman sent out a passive aggressive email (which sounds pretty fitting read in the voice of a teenage girl arguing why she shouldn’t be grounded) where he claimed someone told him Pauly D totally wanted to do it and, “I do not want to be SUED or have a bad taste in anyone’s mouth about this and I am truly sorry for promoting there would be a match as I was MISLEAD, as in 55 Celebrity Boxing events, I never had a situation like this.” STOP MISLEADING DAMON FELDMAN EVERYBODY.

But Damon didn’t address the biggest question: WHO WILL FIGHT MARIO NOW? If Pauly D doesn’t want to do it, and his old standby Lenny Dykstra is in prison, who’s he gonna call? Can we throw Mark Paul Gosselaar‘s name out there?

[Photo via attorneygeneral.gov]

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