Babette Josephs/Brian Sims Battle Heats Up With Molester Mailer

We had no idea just what kind of bee’s nest we were poking with the Philebrity stick the other day when we took a look at the increasingly nasty Babette Josephs/Brian Sims battle for Democratic representative in the 182nd District. Comments are still flying back and forth on that post, and today, it might even get a little nastier, as the above piece of mail from Sims, accusing Josephs of being soft on kiddy diddlers, is appearing all over the 182nd.

But is it true? We asked Josephs campaign manager Julia Ramsey, and she confirmed that, yes, Josephs did vote against a bill requiring mandatory registration for sex offenders. But, she was quick to add, the mailer is more a window into the Sims campaign than Josephs’ record. “The Sims campaign did a poll [on this topic and others] about a week ago,” she told us. “A week later, he sent a mailer suggesting Babette wants sex offenders in schools. Another ridiculous libel from a sadly dishonest campaign… Babette has been a consistent fighter for our schools and for public safety. That’s why the unions representing teachers and police have all endorsed her. Clearly, Mr. Sims didn’t like his poll numbers, and that’s why we’re seeing garbage like this in our mailboxes.” That’s one view, but from our perch, both candidates are beginning to look like jackasses.

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7 Responses to “Babette Josephs/Brian Sims Battle Heats Up With Molester Mailer”

  1. Brad Levy Says:

    At least she is not hard on kiddy diddlers.

  2. 182nd Voter Says:

    You miss one crucial point in this post: Babette’s negative mailer was false, Brian’s was true.

  3. Davadnre Says:

    I’m not a fan of any negative mailers, but there’a huge difference between making a blanket assertion that bipartisanship makes Sims a supporter of pre-abortion ultrasounds and the apparently factual assertion, based on her own record, that Rep. Josephs does not support the registration of sex offenders. I don’t know if that means she sides with sex offenders over children always, but she did in this instance, right? I don’t like the tone of Rep. Josephs campaign anyway but calling a factual attack “ridiculous libel” and at the same time admitting that she did indeed vote exactly the way he asserted just doesn’t make sense.

  4. Steve Says:

    I’m voting for Brian Sims despite this mailer.  I think the idea of _mandatory_ registry is stupid.  Judges use their good judgment and most violent offenders get on the list.

  5. YummyTummy Says:

    Babbett also did not vote for grinding child molesters into pink slime and serving them in school cafeterias!  Shame on her!   Seriously, give me a real reason to vote for Sims, not this sex-predators-are-lurking-next-door, local TV news bullshit.

  6. CCMom Says:

     OK, how’s this – To date, between Rep. Josephs and Sims, he is the only candidate who has put out any comprehensive policy pieces on anything. This isn’t passing judgement, it’s a fact. How it is that a 30 year incumbent gets bested by a challenger on policies is a surprise but it’s happened here. Pretty effectively. Simple truth is that Rep. Josephs doesn’t pass anything, introduce anything, or create anything except ill-will and yes, she did vote against sex offender registries. That may not be an issue for you if you don’t have children but the idea of a Democratic legislator in a city, voting down a sex offender registry is amazing. I didn’t know about it until this piece so I’m glad to have gotten it. Rep. Josephs was thinking about her board seat on the ACLU and not about my daughter when she voted this way.

  7. Dan Says:

    Not to be a broken record, but,  Babette took this stand like 6 years ago, according to the DN.  If Brian thought this was a big issue, that she changed, why did he serve as campaign treasurer, after that change?

    Ridiculous.  I will be happy when this race is over.

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