Boot & Saddle Reboot Plans To Have Their Day At Zoning Hearing

We told you a little while ago about plans (and a petition) to reboot the old Boot & Saddle (1131 S Broad Street) with new life as a live music venue. The people from Four Corners Management (Drinker’s, Lucy’s, Union Transfer, etc.) want to bring some fresh business to a mostly-neglected area along South Broad Street, but the South Broad Street Neighbors Association are not buying into it.

The SBSNA is holding a zoning meeting tomorrow night at 7PM at Morgan Conference Room, Methodist Hospital, at Broad and Ritner. David Goldfarb, author of the petition told us, “There is a strong need for people within two blocks of Broad and Ellsworth to attend the meeting and/or email their address at bootsaddlepetition[at]gmail[dot]com,” to help bring life and an honest-to-god legitimate music venue to South Philly. You can show your support by showing up at the meeting or signing the petition here.

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  1. Ampevents Says:

    They were working on the neon sign today.

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