Ground Breaks Today On Bart Blatstein’s Mod State Office Turned Baller Eraserhood Apartments

Later this afternoon, the Mayor, developer Bart Blatstein and others will be on hand for the construction kick-off ceremony for Tower Place , a two-phase, $120 million development which will include 400 residential units and 600 square feet of commercial space — as well as, eventually, a new 18-story tower and two-story big box retail piece adjacent. But, you might just know it as the strangely mod state office building where you had to go do something that time. The building has an architectural history that’s a part of Philly’s great why-did-we-knock-down-all-this-old-awesome-shit-to-build-weird-concrete-slabs timeline, but like so many other things, this piece at Broad & Spring Garden has been so fugly for so long that now it’s starting to look cool again. It also comes at a time when the Eraserhood is quickly approaching a critical mass in terms of development and re-development. With the Inky building just up the street in Blatstein’s portfolio now as well, will the Eraserhood be an annex of Piazzadelphia?

  • amarikah

    60,000 sq ft of commercial not 600. 600 would be close to the current size of Vientiane Cafe in West Philly.

  • Haywire

    Kind of looks like one of those old projects buildings.