If You Wish Philly Mag Was More Like US Weekly, You Will Love The Cashman & Associates Blog

Thank God they have Nicole’s wedding posts.

You know, sometimes city blogs (including ours) just can’t offer everything for everyone. For example, we don’t often post “What to wear on St. Patty’s Day” things, or talk about which celebs totally wore the best outfits on the red carpet, but now we’ll never have to. All of that work now falls on the shoulders of the Cashman & Associates new blog, chock-full of your everyday fix of things you will never need. But hey, we guess their target audience is digital SIMS people, since they’ve been marketing to them for years.

6 Responses to “If You Wish Philly Mag Was More Like US Weekly, You Will Love The Cashman & Associates Blog”

  1. Walter Sobchak Says:

    “Start making tanning appointments around the same time. All spray tans are not the same, and testing different salons, brands and techniques is essential to achieving the perfect bronzed look. I love Center City’s Skin Palette. They help me find my ideal color and customize the process for my fair skin tone. Luckily, they have mastered the feet which could be catastrophic.”


  2. trufax Says:

    “First of all, I’m sorry I missed last week. Although I had a terrible stomach virus, there was one positive outcome. I lost a quick 3 lbs. before the wedding!”

  3. The Drama King Says:

    At this point I’m worried about Philebrity’s obsession with Cashman & Associates.

  4. jack. Says:

    loving the irony of this being posted right before This Evening: Fun with Fonts.

  5. Phracktastic Says:

    I knew Shamrock green did not look good on me. But I was afraid that mint, sage, olive or emerald would not be acceptable options. My biggest regret is that I did not know about this blog sooner.

  6. deep souf Says:

    This will fill the void left when Kade’s blog witched to celebrity interviews.

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