Philly Mag and PW Bash Springsteen, We Should Have Expected Nothing Less

On the day Bruce Springsteen returns to town for a two-night stay at the Wells Fargo Center, both Philly Mag and Philadelphia Weekly decided to unleash their “Bruce Springsteen sucks” arguments. At Philly Mag, Victor Fiorillo lists ten reasons, with video evidence, as to why he hates Springsteen. Among the reasons is simply “Max Weinberg,” which is presented with a clip of one of the greatest things Max ever did as the bandleader for Late Night with Conan O’Brien. And PW’s anti-Boss cover story, written by John Sharkey of Clockcleaner/Puerto Rico Flowers focuses on Bruce’s perceived pseudo-working class persona. Go and hate all you want, but all Philly Mag and PW really needed to do was put one simple reason they don’t like Springsteen: THEIR HEARTS ARE COLD AND MADE OF STONE.

3 Responses to “Philly Mag and PW Bash Springsteen, We Should Have Expected Nothing Less”

  1. ProfessorSnacks Says:

    Victor Fiorillo likes Skrillex on Facebook. Must’ve developed a love of dub step during his “formidable” years.

    In case you’re wondering, I’m making a reference to his comment on the Philly Mag Facebook page that he spent his “formidable” years in New Jersey. Amateur Hour!

  2. Zombie Larry Says:

    Sorry but it’s true. Springsteen sucks. I’d rather listen to a Mummer string band and I hate the Mummers

  3. heatmiser Says:

    Snarkey sounds jealous that his cruddy band could never make it out of Philly.

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