Xfinity Live!: It’s Like Hooters Except, You Know, Classy

It’s not even officially open yet, but already, Xfinity Live! is portending the worst of every prole paradise cliché: There’s the most giant-est TV in the world, ever! Third Eye Blind is playing! And now, the news that management is forcing cocktail waitress to dress in Hooters-esque get-ups that leave little to the imagination except, you know, what is it about the middle-aged white male sexual imagination that, at this late date, still puts policies like this into play? Over at NakedPhiladelphian (grain of salt: post is by this lady, but even so), you can see the uniforms and hear the tales of woe. (“This corset won’t let me breathe!” is their version of “These pretzels are making me thirsty!”) It’s our guess that these uniforms won’t last long, but it’s also our guess that nothing about Xfinity Live! will. Especially that motherfucking godforsaken exclamation point. Truth be told, that’s way more offensive than assless chaps.

2 Responses to “Xfinity Live!: It’s Like Hooters Except, You Know, Classy”

  1. enrico Says:

    I’m pretty sure that website you link to got the name of the venue wrong in both of it’s posts on the matter. You think if you’re writing a post about a new venue/complex you’d at least get the name right.

  2. pagoda Says:

    Are you sure those are the unis??? if so, wow. Honestly, topless would be FAR more dignified. I get the chaps, well not really, but the “shorts” would make even Gary and Ace blush.

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