Penn Seniors Bitch About Getting A Relatively Obscure Commencement Speaker

He’s no disgraced military man General David Petraeus, but he’ll have to do. According to the Daily Pennsylvanian, UPenn’s pick to usher a new generation of budding neo-cons into the Real World, social activist/educator Geoffrey Canada, is just plain uncool. “This has to be the worst choice made in the last few years,” said one student. How ’bout that. Canada’s the CEO of Harlem Children’s Zone, an organization that helped inner-city kids get through school and was touted as a key model of education reform by President Obama. But, still. Harlem! Poor people! Black people! All dirty and irrelevant.

Besides, what kind of legacy does working to improve the future (that’s what children are) leave? Why, the greatest celebrity feat of all: landing an impersonation on SNL, at the 5:10 mark. You spoke too soon, Student With A Bizarrely Limited Memory Of Choices Made At Penn.

[Photo by Marco Grob for TIME]

2 Responses to “Penn Seniors Bitch About Getting A Relatively Obscure Commencement Speaker”

  1. ride1076 Says:

    Assholes. In five years some of them will have White Richie Savior Complex without a hint of irony.

  2. amarikah Says:

    They’re unimpressed for the wrong reasons.

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