Louis Vuitton Says Penn Group Violated Copyright, Penn Group Says Nah Man

In today’s edition of people trying to prove a point, the Penn Intellectual Property Group is being threatened with a lawsuit from Louis Vuitton due to the poster on the right. According to Law.com, “Michael Pantalony, Louis Vuitton’s director of civil enforcement for North America, penned a letter to the law school’s dean, Michael Fitts, about the [poster].” The strongly worded letter included such lawyerly things as, “misappropriated and modified,” “serious willful infringement,” and, “People seeing the invitation/poster may believe that Louis Vuitton either sponsored the seminar or was otherwise involved, and approved the misuse of its trademarks in the manner.”

Silly Louis Vuitton, didn’t you notice the name of the group? The Penn Intellectual Property Group absolutely “infringed” on purpose. They’re called the Penn Intellectual Property Group and the poster was for a symposium on fashion law. Duh, Louis Vuitton. Anyway, the Penn Group said a whole bunch of lawyerly things back to LV (“fair use,” “parody,” etc.), and LV has yet to act on responding to that, or filing an actual lawsuit. But the Penn Group did invite LV’s lawyer to attend the symposium, to which to say, “well played, Penn kids.” You won’t hear that from us often.

[Image via New York Magazine]

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