Free Speech v. Exploitation: The Billboard That Gives Us Pause

In protest of the House of Representatives making this year “The Year of the Bible” and not immediately repealing their decision, the American Atheists, Inc. paid for this controversial billboard in Harrisburg on Monday. Overnight, Philadephia Weekly reports, the sign was taken down and replaced with another billboard.

Point… taken?

2 Responses to “Free Speech v. Exploitation: The Billboard That Gives Us Pause”

  1. friendlynerd Says:

    It was replaced because it was vandalized immediately. Kind of an important bit of the story.

  2. Nico Says:

    According to a recent Gallup poll, 31% of all Americans (and 45% of Christians) believe that the Bible is the literal word of god, while a meaty 47% of Americans think it’s the “inspired word of god”. The 31% really don’t like it when people quote the superfuckingevil bits. Grandma may be a bigot, but she’s OUR bigot and she makes delicious pies.

    To the point of the billboard, even without a racially charged illustration, I think god’s vandals would have still found cause to “pray away that tornado”.

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