By now we are old friends with the vigilante cell phone jammer. In fact, on our last post about him, one of you claimed to know someone who worked with him, and wondered if he was picked up by the feds since he hadn’t been showing up to work. Well, we don’t know if that is true, but it is entirely possible that it happened since the company he ordered the jammer from TOTALLY NARC’ED HIM OUT TO US. From an email:

My name is Michael Kharwin and I represent Jammer-Store.com, Inc. Recently, we have received a lot of emails from your website’s subscribers with questions about one of your latest articles about Eric from Philadelphia who was jamming the cell phones in the SEPTA busses. We just want to make our contribution to this article and share with you some details about what jammer he purchased from us and when. Majority of people ask what model of jammer was shown on the video and will it be legal to use this jammer in USA. The legality question was covered in your article. What about the jammer’s model, it was our GM20 military jammer for $469, and the transaction was made on February 12th. In the attachment to this email you will find the screenshots confirming this purchase, however due to our privacy police we have to hide some details like Eric’s address, email and cell phone number. I am not sure will this information be useful for you and only you should decide what to do with this information further.

They also attached the aforementioned screenshots where they did indeed hide his address and phone number. They used the blur tool on their copy of MS Paint to hide the last two digits of the phone number and the apartment number of the address, leaving most of his address, full name, and full hyphenated nine-digit zip code visible. So, you know, the rest of that information could be figured out pretty easily (hence us not posting the screenshots). But let’s look on the bright side: This dude may be preventing phone calls on a bus, but in a few years he could actually stop people from speaking with this thing, and that’s pretty scary (although we have already placed our order for that, and are planning to have it pointed at Chris Wheeler 24-hours a day).

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  1. northphilly Says:

    I fully support cell phone jamming, especially on Septa buses and regional rail, Trader Joe’s and just about anywhere in general that I have to listen.

  2. deafmute Says:

    Yeah is it wrong of me to think that this weirdo is a hero? Does this company sell a device that jams people throwing chicken bones on the floor of the bus and leaving sunflower seeds in the subway window-wells? Brave new world indeed.

  3. eagleapex Says:


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