Art Blob: Fiber Philadelphia Blowing Our Minds!

Fiber Philadelphia launched on Friday, and over at Crane Arts, the opening for Outside/Inside the Box literally blew our minds. Blurring the boundaries of what is fiber and textile art, the exhibition showcased some amazingly intricate pieces made of a wide spectrum of beautiful, strange and unlikely materials. A few of our favorites were Ann Wessmann’s Words Unspoken Series, made entirely from notebook pages, and Jodi Colella’s One Day which is a giant pillowy sculpture, made from repurposed plastic newspaper sleeves. If you didn’t get a chance to go and see this exhibition on Friday, you’ve got to go! The gallery is open until April 15th from Wed – Sun, 12 – 6pm, and until 9pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Also check out the other amazing exhibitions going on as part of Fiber Philadelphia.

Also, not to be missed, your favorite yarn-bomber,“Ishknits” will be speaking at City Hall on Wednesday, March 15th from 5-7pm for An Education in Yarnbombing Reception. Jesse Hemmons and Christina LeFevre will have an installation in the Art Gallery in City Hall, Room 116, East Portal (Market St. entrance). Get schooled in Yarnbombing, see some fresh new work, plus a photo exhibition by Conrad Benner, of

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