Readers Write: What’s Their Beef With Hot Dogs?

Well, it seems like the Union League thinks that having a hot dog vendor on the corner in front of their building is dangerous. As one reader writes in:

Thought you might enjoy this piece of hypocrisy, courtesy of the Union League.

As you can see attached hereto, evidently, the Union League – or, at least, its president, Joan Carter – believes in the merits of free market capitalism as a pathway for the poor to become wealthy, as she writes to the Union League membership.

And she glibly concludes, apropos of nothing, that oh, by the way, the Union League ousted the hot dog vendor from the corner of Broad & Sansom. “We made a deal to buy our corner back” she wrote, making the corner cleaner, safer, and better than it was with a hot dog vendor.

So much for supporting the poor and their attempts to become wealthy. Wonder what the Mayor and the DA, who are both members, have to say about their club forcing a hard working Philadelphian from the corner of Broad and Sansom.

Attached was a look at the letter from Carter in which she indeed claimed that, without the hot dog vendor, the corner was now, “cleaner, safer, better.” After all, you never know how dangerous hot dogs can be, they are not to be trusted.

3 Responses to “Readers Write: What’s Their Beef With Hot Dogs?”

  1. rob reed Says:

    The Union League primarily consists of rich jerks? Least breaking news ever.

  2. phillygoat Says:

    If the deal was with the vendor, at a price the vendor would accept to that vendor’s permit for that corner (and not some payola L&I skullduggery) then they did exactly what they said they would do, and helped that vendor get wealthy.

  3. finch Says:

    As we twitter away about this that vendor is busy using his UL buyout to acquire three more trucks and corner the hot dog market in the lucrative Sansom to City Hall corridor. The only lesson here is that the path to riches is to annoy the well-heeled and get paid to go away.

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