City Of Gingerly Love: Philadelphia’s Top 5 Redheads

A little while ago, we were thinking about the great redheads this city has produced, those who call this city home, and how under-appreciated they are (except for Shawn Bradley, he was appreciated the correct amount: not at all). In some cities, the gingers are shunned, mocked, derided, and have to escape that horrible rumor that they are going extinct, but we feel in Philadelphia that they are allowed to excel. We are, after all, a city of mish-mashed misfits, and the redhead thrives in this environment. So, we decided to come up with a list of the top redheads in the city (with a little guidance from our own redhead-on-retainer Conor Corcoran). So here, after the jump, we present the top 5 redheads in Philly.

5. Marion Ryder
Full-blooded Irish lass

Ryder is the owner/operator of one of the city’s (sometimes) best Irish pubs, The Plough and The Stars. There’s just something special about sitting down at an irish pub and knowing that the person running the joint is actually Irish. Plus, the bar/fireplace combo is on of those great, rare things that we cannot get over.

4. Bill Greenlee
Red-headed lawmaker

He may be grayer now, but the Councilman is an O.G. ginger. He may be most-known for the failed Promoter Bill, which let’s face it, no one was a fan of. It was our Footloose moment, and Greenlee was almost our redheaded John Lithgow.

However, before the promoter bill died, Greenlee was actually actively trying to make sure it was the best it could be, reaching out to promoters and show-runners in an effort to make the bill at least rational, and for that, Greenlee is on our good side. For now.

3. Brian “Pizza Brain” Dwyer
Giant, red-headed pizza freak

Maybe there’s something in the genetics, but this way-over-six-foot guy is making a big name for himself in the food scene here. On top of hosting a pizza-themed art show and holding the Guinness World Record for largest collection of pizza memorabilia, Dwyer and some friends are helping bring Philadelphia the world’s first pizza museum and restaurant. He is the man with hair (and beard) the color of the pizza sauce he loves so much, and he is trying desperately to share that joy with everyone else. We can get behind that.

2. Tara Murtha
Seeker of truth and unstoppable Philebrity Awards dynasty

On top of winning back-to-back Philebrity Awards for Outstanding local writing and having a general disdain for commenters, Murtha is consistently … well … consistent in her quality of reporting, which is a trait we wish was more prevalent in our local print publications.

1. Roy Halladay
Also giant, athletic redhead

We were thinking of maybe trying to keep this list extra-local and smalll scale, but when (arguably) the biggest sports figure in your town is a 6 foot 6 inch redhead, he’s hard to ignore. Halladay has had a big hand in keeping the fans in the seats and cheering for our beloved Phillies, while being humble, sweet, and hard-working, three things we genuinely love in Philadelphia. And on top of all of that, sometimes, when Doc gets a little sweaty late in a game, and his skin gets a little flush; his hat, beard, and skin reach the same gingery tone, and for that reason, we cannot deny him the number one spot (Plus, you guys made him a part of this, and we are forever grateful for that).

So there you have it. Did we miss your favorite redhead? Let us know in the comments, and tell us your ideas for future lists that are mostly pointless. Those are the fun ones.

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  1. Zombie Larry Says:

    Sorry but there is only one redhead worth mentioning and she’s not from Philly.

  2. Sugar Town Says:

    I’m such a ginger wannabe that I dyed my hair red for years. Definitely have the pale, freckly ginger complexion though.

  3. lord_whimsy Says:


  4. shawnkilroy Says:

    Thom Lessner!

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