And Now, A Reminder Of How Deeply Racist, Stupid, and Forgotten This City Is

Here’s a video of comedian Bill Burr ripping a wide one into Philadelphia at Opie and Anthony’s Traveling Virus Comedy Tour in Camden in 2006. Don’t skip to the middle. The video is twelve minutes of pure self-flagellating gold for us. Perhaps best summed up by this dig at our legendary warrior, at the 4:06 mark:

Fucking Rocky is your hero. The whole pride of your city is built around a guy who doesn’t even fucking exist. Joe Frazier is from there, but he’s black so you can’t fucking deal with him so you make a fucking statue for some three-foot fucking Italian, you stupid Philly-cheese-eatin’ fucking jackasses.”

Take us to your color-blind world of hope, Bill.

11 Responses to “And Now, A Reminder Of How Deeply Racist, Stupid, and Forgotten This City Is”

  1. thegreengrass Says:

    I know right? At least Detroit has RoboCop.

  2. Sonny Says:

    Some credit due to how much laughter is audible. Sounds like some of us can take a joke.

  3. pakman Says:

    Fuel for the Masshole fire.

  4. erterer Says:

    by far the funniest 12 minutes of comedy every performed in philly! Go Burr!

  5. schmapty Says:

    I’ll take “e-mails forwarded to me 5 years ago” for a thousand, Alex.

  6. mw_217 Says:

    Wow, somebody can say “fuckin'”. Also, are people from Philadelphia known for eating cheese?

  7. EmptyTipJar Says:

    Fuck Bill Burr. How can you even agree with this idiot? He is calling Philadelphia racist yet he’s an Irish guy from Boston. Oh the irony.

    If this fool realized that everyone in this town would prefer a Frazier statue over a Rocky one he’d shut his fucking mouth.

  8. schmapty Says:

    Also, is there anything worse than a comedian? Philebs has been pushing tons of comedy lately. Not bands. Not singer-songwriters. Not even DJs. Effing comedians. Needy nerds talking about what losers they are and how much they hate sex. This isn’t art.

  9. EmptyTipJar Says:

    Couldn’t agree more, schmapty. Not only a comedian but one that most people who knew he existed in 2006 forgot about that said existence in 2012.

    Every Philadelphian wanted that statue of Sly thrown in the Delaware with the exception of one person….John fuckin’ Street. Last time I checked he was black making the author and Bill Burr clueless. I’m not saying Philly is devoid of racism but tell me one fucking place that has a substantial amount of working class whites and blacks &/or hispanics living amongst one another that doesn’t. Does it make it okay? Hell no but don’t act like we’re the only ones guilty of such sins or even the worst.

    Obviously this town is anything but forgotten when the thousands of stupid racists that flock to that goddamn Rocky statue are tourists ie non-Philadelphians.

  10. the_ill Says:

    still funny

  11. mikeybot Says:

    I was at the show for this. The crowd was being incredible hostile to the 2 or 3 comedians before him, so he was going out there in a bit of a bunker mentality. He started in on his set and the crowd turned on him immediately, despite his being a favorite from being on the show. This was the result.
    This was an off the cuff reaction to an incredibly hostile and “Philly” crowd.

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