William Penn Foundation Gives Philly School District $1.5 Million

The great people over at the William Penn Foundation aren’t done giving out money just yet: according to The Inquirer, the foundation just dropped $1.5 million on the School District of Philadelphia.

The donation is going, “to help restructure the Philadelphia School District,” a much needed move. William Penn Foundation president Jeremy Nowak told the inky that the money would go, “directly to pay for a contract with Boston Consulting Group,” which is a “professional managerial and financial consulting” group. The William Penn Foundation, along with the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania, “will work together with the SRC to ‘structure and manage’ the Boston contract and work.” On top of all of this, the foundation will also help the SRC ID other people who can fund the effort to turn the district around.

It’s a long, tough road to fix what is wrong with the district, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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