This Evening: Get Phat For Mardi Gras

>>>>This Tuesday needs hip-hop to get its Phat back. And that’s just what it’ll get, tonight at Silk City’s CD release party for Dewey “Decibel” Saunders’ #BOOMBOXBOOKWORM mixtape (download FREE here), with Zilla Rocca, Has-Lo, Curly Castro, and DJ PHSH spinning.
>>>Store (formerly known as Space?) 1026, the warehouse arts collective right by the Troc, debuts Andrew Jeffrey Wright Fashion Week 2012 — quite a name for six previously unreleased t-shirts. The one-man couture show is an extension of Store member Wright’s online collection of Bart Simpson buttons, dramatically posed, face-painted models, and t-shirts that are less ironic than iconic (the Mr. E.T. t-shirt, par example). If you’re into the homespun cotton scene, check this out. The “Week” ends Friday.

>>>Never one to miss a holiday, Kyle Andrews spins the seldom heard Brazilian soundtrack of Gras, giving you the feeling of a warm sun dawning over the day’s festivities. Drinking counts as a festivity, right?

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