Little Bar Probably Shut Down

A little while back, when Little Bar seemingly cut all ties with a lot of the people who did cool things there (thus more or less creating the current incarnation of The Level Room) it seemed to many like the beginning of the end. Well, it turns out they were probably right. Little Bar’s Facebook page has disappeared, shows were cancelled, there was maybe a shakedown in the back (EDIT: link pulled due to conflicting report), employees supposedly walked out, and owner Michael D’Addesi has reportedly been making female patrons feel uncomfortable for a long time.

But hey, if you’re gonna go out, why not go out in a blaze of a combination of random disaster?

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  1. hopenone Says:

    the owner didn’t make just his female patrons feel uncomfortable. as the longest running bartender at Little Bar, I have seen him threaten not just my job, but other female bartenders’ jobs, by giving us the ultimatum of having sex with him or being fired. I can also honestly say that not one of us has ever let him lay a hand on us, and with the help of our coworkers no one was ever fired for that reason. Little Bar’s staff was basically a babysitting team for Michael and his alcoholic tendencies. Without us the bar would have shut down in the summertime. Don’t get me started on all the health and safety violations.
    This is what happens when you drink all your earnings away, have no respect for the people who are keeping you off the streets by keeping your business open, and make poor decision after poor decision because you’re too concerned with your image instead of the functionality of your bar.

  2. amarikah Says:

    So what I’m getting from this is that this guy will fit in nicely at law school…

  3. slamohhotdamn Says:

    I’m sure he’ll fit in perfectly…i was hired back in April, about a month after it opened. Everything was crazy, we were then as many others were after us…a babysitting service pretty much. I helped with starting the advertising & graphic work when they first opened and i took time out of my day to do it.

    with the whole law school thing, he’s been saying he was going for the past year now. i helped him apply in march to drexel & temple. look where he is now.

    hopenones statement is exactly right.

  4. melissajoanhart Says:

    The dude is a real sleezebag, he frequents mcglinchey’s where I hear all the gossip. His voice is like cats in heat, annoying as hell

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