Rumblings: All The News That’s Fit To Wet The Bed

>>> If you have any interest at all in the kerfuffle that we’ve been covering lately over at the Inky/DN, this NYT piece on what must be, what has to be The Last Days Of Osberg is a must-read. Kudos to Inky staff marquee names for putting this douchelord on blast, but jeez, just in case, have your resumes ready. Oh, wait, you work at the Inquirer. You already always do. [NYT]

>>> Um, actually, DEFINITELY have your resumes ready: 37 jobs to be cut at Philadelphia Media Network any moment now. And surprise: They’re all on the content side. [PhillyMag]

>>> And now, this whole thing is even on Politico’s radar. Which is bad news for Osberg and Ed Rendell and Ed Snider and Johnny Doc, but kind of good news for everyone else. What’s that saying about sunlight being the best disinfectant? [Politico]

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