Rumblings: Philly Media Network, Your Mardi Gras Kings Since 2010 (But Not For Much Longer)

>>> Some quick updates on last week’s total shitshow regarding the sale of Philly Media Network‘s assets: Dave Davies has weighed in on the matter with very real questions and insights along with (maybe this is us projecting) a heavy sigh of relief that he isn’t involved in this bullshit anymore. [Newsworks]

>>> Meanwhile, somewhere in all of this mess last week, PMN’s Mark Block jumped on the cover-up grenade, ostensibly to protect Greg Osberg. No one cared. [Poynter]

>>> And then, finally for now, over the weekend, the Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania declared Osberg its Mardi Gras King, which is just so totally right I had to check that I was not having one of those lucid dreams (see post below). [PhillyMag]

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