PA House Of Rep. “Year Of The Bible” To Be Repealed?

A few weeks back, the PA House of Representatives passed a resolution to declare 2012 the “Year of the Bible.” Well, some people had a problem with that. Wait, did we say some people? We meant most people.

Although the motion passed unanimously, lawmakers are now saying the Year of the Bible part was buried, and many of the people who voted are focused on re-election campaings, aka “oops.” Many people, citing “separation of church and state,” and “not wasting everyone’s time with stupid votes like this,” have signed an online petition to get the resolution repealed. And it may have worked.

According to Philadelphia Weekly, the resolution may already be in the process being repealed, which is good, but also a little bit upsetting, because we didn’t know you could just declare years to fun books. We were kind of looking forward to the “Year of Clifford The Big Red Dog” or the “Year of The Fellowship of the Ring,” those could have both been fun.

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