Next American City Says We Can Level I-95

Yesterday, we mentioned the idea of tearing down I-95, and today we have news of people who have already thought in-depth about that idea. They are the people at Next American City, and they are hosting “Reimagining Urban Highways” at the Academy of Natural Sciences on February 23rd. As the event description says:

After decades of disinvestment, many American cities are rebounding and growing their cultural, economic, and environmental assets. Despite their renewal, cities such as Philadelphia, New York, New Orleans, and St. Louis are saddled with highways located in their increasingly popular downtowns.

How should cities change highways to meet 21st-century needs and contemporary urban lifestyles? This panel discussion will look at successful urban highway removal projects in Milwaukee, New Haven, and Providence and explore ways of mitigating highways in Philadelphia and the Bronx.

Guests will include Thomas Deller (Director of Planning + Development, City of Providence, Rhode Island), Next American City’s Diana Lind, and Aaron Naparstek (Loeb Fellow, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University). You can register for the event here (or livestream it on the 23rd) and let’s all dream of an I-95-less city.

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  1. native Says:

    But without I-95 would we be a Zoe Strauss-less city?

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